Jan. 14th, 2009

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Well, I went to work today and had very little voice.  I felt like warmed-over shit, but I went in because I had a crazy, stalker parent that was supposed to come in at 9:00.  Notice that I said supposed to come in?  She was a no show.  She didn't call to cancel or anything.  Just didn't show.  My other parent did come in to see me, and she is so sweet.  I want to smack her child for being so difficult towards her.  He is actually her grand-child, but she took custody of him because his mother was seriously messed up on drugs.  The kid isn't horrible or anything, but he is telling her that he is doing fine in his classes and doesn't need to study when he is failing 2 classes that he needs to pass to graduate.  She came in to hear the real story from me, and we discussed what needs to happen now.  We have a plan for him, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for him.  I felt like I did accomplish something by getting that squared away.  I also had another mother stop by to tell me about her son's knee surgery.  We chatted for a while and I tried to give her comfort because she is so worried about her son.  On top of needing knee surgery, he has Osgood Schlatter Disease, which means that the knee surgery is only a temporary fix at least until he stops growing.  This mother, like all good mothers, hates to see her son have to suffer the pain that he has.  I just held her hand and told her that I would keep him in my prayers.  She gave me a huge hug and told me that I was a blessing in her life.  That made going into the office worth it.  I felt that I really helped her.

I did go to the doctor today, and lo and behold, I have a sinus infection.  I have my prescription for some antibiotics.  I also expressed my concern that I have been getting more severe headaches lately, and she seemed to be upset that I had not told her that I get migraines.  I hadn't told her because they hadn't been this bad.  Besides, my ob/gyn knew about them because they have been largely hormonal in the past.  Anyway, she told me to track my headaches for 3 months and come back to her to discuss them.  We can create a plan after that.  Let's hope that it works.


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