Feb. 13th, 2009

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My father is still in the hospital after his knee surgery.  The last two times that he had surgeries (the other knee and a hip replacement), he was out in 2 days.  He was up and moving and getting grumpy by now.  However, he has had some problems with this one.  Not with the knee itself, but the surgery has caused his prostate to swell.  He has been unable to urinate on his own since the surgery.  The nurses had not been monitoring that kind of thing.  My step mother had to fight for them to come in and take a look at him after 3 days.  His stomach was so bloated that he looked pregnant.  The put a catheter in again and took off 1200 cc's of fluid, which equals about 40 ounces.  That is a huge amount!  If Louise wouldn't have fought for it, he would still have all o that and more in him, and I have no doubt that his body would have become toxic.  Why did she have to fight in the first place?  The hospital here kept a watch on how much my mother peed when she was in the hospital with chest pain.  After major surgery, why didn't they do that at the hospital in WV?  They took 800cc's more today, so in total for two days of pulling fluid, almost a half gallon of urine.  I know that he is okay, but I can't help thinking what if...  You have to understand that my father is rarely sick, so something like this is major.  I want to go see him, but he still doesn't want visitors, especially since they will probably send him home with a catheter still attached.  I want to honor his request, but it's hard to fight the urge to see him for myself.  I know that my step mother would let me know if anything was wrong and I needed to come, even if my father's view would be, "Don't tell her because there's nothing she can do but worry".  I know my father wants to protect me if he can, but I want to scream sometimes.  I full well admit that I am daddy's little girl, and my sisters would say that I am his favorite.I don't know if that is true but I know that I am the one that calls him regularly and the only one that hasn't asked him for money.  I am also the only one that has his personality, although both of my sisters would say that they have his personality too.  Um...  No.  They are high strung, overly sensitive about everything, can hold a grudge until the day they die, and let things get to them.  My father is laid back, rarely gets upset, can forgive anyone, and lets things roll off his back.  Out of all of my father's children, I am the only one that is like him in those respects.  Did I mention that out of the kids who don't live there, I am the only one that has called my father while he's in the hospital?  One sister has called my step mother, and the other one has been getting updates from me.  I have been calling my step mother too, but I wanted to actually hear my father's voice.  He may not want me to visit, but I know that he has liked hearing my voice.  It's comforting to hear his voice, even though, bless his heart, he has hiccups, which is a reaction to the anesthetic.  He has gotten them every time he has had surgery.  On top of not being able to pee, he has hiccuped for 4 days.  During all of this, he never complained to the nurses.  I am glad that my step mother is there to act on his behalf because heaven knows that my father will not voice a problem until it is so bad that it may be too late.  He has a high threshold for pain, so he just deals with it because he doesn't want to whine.  He's definitely too stubborn in that respect.  If his leg fell off, he would still say that he was fine, which is why I still call my step mother, even though I have spoken with him.  I know that I am rambling, but I am just worried.


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