Feb. 28th, 2009

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First of all, I wanted to tell all of the people on my flist that I have been watching and reading, but I have been really bad about commenting.  I am sorry but I have had barely enough energy to do anything in the last couple of weeks.  I have been coming home from work and falling asleep early, sometimes without eating dinner.  I promise that I will try to be better from now on.

Daddy update:  I spoke with him last night.  He was in really good spirits.  He hadn't taken a painkiller all day, and he was now down to taking Tylenol instead of the prescription pain killers that the doctors gave him.  That makes him very happy because he hates taking medicine.  He has gotten his appetite back and is eating meals like he used to eat before the surgery.  He does his knee exercises at least once an hour and the pain is almost nothing now.  He only feels the dull ache of working out by the end of the day.  The spot on his leg where they removed the baker's cyst is completely healed now.  He still has the catheter and he sees the urologist on Monday.  If he can pee on his own they will leave the catheter out.  Otherwise it will go back in for another week.  I have been praying and crossing my fingers for him.

I am still feeling healthy overall.  I have had a few headaches in the last couple of weeks but I am sure that they have been caused by tension, crazy changes in the weather, and by falling asleep on the couch in awkward positions.  The good thing is that they haven't been horrible.  I have been able to at least function with them.  Granted given the opportunity, I would have stayed home and slept to help get over the headaches, but that was impossible.  We had to have all of the students scheduled for the upcoming year by Friday.    We did it for the most part.  There are a couple of new students who have not been seen, but there are only nine who haven't been called down to pick classes.  That is pretty good considering that we had over 1700 students to see.  This week, I saw almost 70 students for scheduling myself.  That doesn't include all of the students that we saw for other reasons, like college info, personal issues, fights, truancy, fee waivers, academic counseling...  It also doesn't include all of the parents that we have spoken with about various issues.  On average, I speak to 15 - 20 parents a day, mostly on the phone.  While it has been a good week, which has made me feel quite accomplished, it has also been quite exhausting.  I love meeting with the kids and finding out what they want to be when they grow up, and then I try to help them pick classes or join clubs that will help them meet those goals.  I like meeting with them and telling them that I have faith in them and that I know that they can make better grades if they choose to do their homework.  I like when they get excited about the fact that I have former students' pictures up on the wall and  want to give me their pictures too.  I like it, but it does take a lot of energy to do that.  It's like performing in a way.  I don't have any idea how actors (film or stage) can do that day in and day out without all collapsing from exhaustion on a regular basis.  I have total respect for them.  Anyway, now that scheduling is complete, things will, hopefully, calm down considerably.  Theoretically, this means that I can start to leave the office at a decent hour and that things won't be quite as crazy.

I did buy a new cell phone.  I had to since my last one wouldn't cut on any more.  I splurged and got the new iPhone.  I am totally addicted to it now.  My brother has threatened to take it away from me because I would check my e-mail, twitter, facebook, lj, etc... all of the time.  He's just jealous.  I am still getting used to typing on it, but I could almost live without my computer now.  I use my iphone so much that my wrists have ached from using different muscles to hold and type on it.  That's kinda sad really, that the best workout that I have been getting is from a phone.

We still are up in the air about the job situation at work.  The deadline for finding out something was moved back.  People were supposed to find something out this past week, but because Virginia just got a nice sum of money with the stimulus package that was passed into law.  That money is supposed to go to education, but no one knows exactly who gets how much.  We are hoping that the cuts will not be as deep as they once thought.  I know that we will still lose a counselor or two but I am hoping that we won't lose the testing specialist.  I can handle having more students to see if I don't have to do the testing on top of it.  Keeps finger crossed...

I think that is all that has been going on in my life lately.  I hope that everyone is having a good day!


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