Mar. 3rd, 2009

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That pretty much sums up the last part of my day.  I have thought about shooting many people this afternoon.  Here are my day's frustrations:
- We are doing the high-stakes, mandatory state testing this week.  The counselors are supposed to act as proctors, covering rooms when needed.  After the craziness of getting the testing started, I needed to make sure that the counselors knew that they should be at the ready.  After i went over that with the counselors, I had a couple of them who said, "I didn't volunteer to help this morning because I helped with testing the last time and no one else did."  Ummm....  First of all, be a team player.  It doesn't matter who does what.  Don't worry about what someone else is doing.  Just worry about what you can do.  Be part of the team, which means that you do more if someone else is unable to do as much.  Don't keep score.  Second of all, the ones who said that did not help that much during the last test session.  Why is it that when some people put forth the minimal amount of effort seem to think that they have done the lion's share of work? 

-Here is a conversation that I had this afternoon with the principal and the data processor:  "We need to set sections for the master schedule but there are still some classes that we have questions about."  "Yes, I know.  I told you last week that there are some classes that need to be dissolved and that I needed to shift the students into their alternate choices."  "Why haven't they been moved?"  "Because I have been blocked out of the system while you were running the reports you needed."  "Oh.  Well have you seen the class list for this class and that class and that other class?"  "Yes"  "What are we going to do with them?"  "Once I have access, I will shift those students into another class so we can dissolve them."  "But we have always offered those classes."  "Well the times are changing and the kids aren't interested in those classes any longer."  "That means that such and such teacher may lose her job."  "That could be, but she didn't try to recruit for her classes and has tried everything to get rid of 'undesirable' students.  Guess she shot herself in the foot.  She has a reputation now and kids don't want to take her class.  Can I have access to the system now so I can fix those classes?"  "Oh... Yeah."  Faceplam!

-I just had a phone conversation with a teacher (TS) who felt horrible about calling me on the behalf of another teacher.  The other teacher wanted to see if TS could get someone to cover for him in the morning because he didn't know if he was supposed to test in the morning (YES!!!) and he wanted to get his truck inspected.  That little twerp!  He didn't even have the balls to contact me or the testing person.  He ended up getting someone else to do it.  He also claimed that he had no idea if he needed to test or not.  Let's see, if he had read his e-mail and listened when he went through the training, maybe he would know, but no, that isn't convenient for him.  I seriously want to smack him.  This will definitely be reported to the administration so they can deal with him since I have no authority to do anything to him.  On the other hand, the next time that I get a kid who is under house arrest or that just came back from lock up, I know just which teacher the student will get.

I am trying to calm down and chill out but it is very hard when I have had such a crazy day.  I tried listening to soothing jazz and drank some hot chocolate.  I soaked in a hot bath, but all that did was emphasize how sore my legs were from running around with testing today.  I finally watched Doom and vicariously shot up lots of mutant scientists.  That helped a little.  Can anyone give me any suggestions of what else I can do to relieve some of the tension and anger that I have?  I know that it will be difficult to go to sleep while I am so wound up.  My next step is chamomile tea.  Any other suggestions?


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