Mar. 14th, 2009

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For all of those who have been concerned for me and my father's surgery, I wanted to let you know that the surgery went well.  I spoke with him yesterday and he said that he wasn't in any pain.  That could have been the demerol though.  His only complaint was that he was hungry and thirsty.  He had to fast for 24 hours and couldn't have anything to drink for 12 hours before the surgery.  When I spoke with him today, he sounded like himself.  He said that he was running up and down the hallways aggravating the nurses.  My step mother assures me that he is showing off for the nurses and flirting up a storm.  He may be 75 years old, but he is a huge flirt.  He always says that he is going to live to be 100 and then be shot by a jealous husband.  He is quite harmless though.  He has already started picking out which nurses are getting what kind of plants and to whom he is going to bring some cans of beans.  (Last year, he canned over 100 pints of green beans from his garden.)  You have to love country folk.  No matter then occasion (death, birth, wedding, thank you...) they always give food.  I find that I still do it a lot.  An apple pie says so much more than "Thank you for your help".

Anyway, my father has to stay in the hospital for a couple of more days.  The doctors want to make sure that the stitches are okay and that he doesn't get an infection.  Because his prostate is right by the bladder, it is susceptible to infection, as you would expect.  He has a catheter, while the stitches are healing, and they are flushing his system out by giving him lots of fluids both by IV and by drinking.  He said that there is still some blood being flushed out but the doctor said that it's normal while the stitches are healing.  He said that he was in no pain although he had a little pain last night after the meds wore off.  With his high tolerance for pain, that means that the average person would have been doubled over crying.  Maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it's not too far from the truth. 

I am sorry that it has taken a while to post, but with the stress of my father's surgery and the tension at work with people being cut for next year, I have been emotionally exhausted.  Add to it the fact that my asshole neighbors upstairs think that 2:00 AM on a Thursday morning is a perfectly acceptable time to have a party where apparently there was a herd of elephants playing basketball, and I was physically exhausted as well.  I came home from work yesterday and fell asleep shortly after eating dinner.  I came home from work today and fell asleep before dinner.  I slept through 2 phone calls, which is highly unusual for me since I am a relatively light sleeper.  When I finally woke up, I was ravenous.  After I ate, I felt that I had to wash dishes, which is something that I have put off several days this week.  After that, I decided to check LJ and post.  Now I am getting sleepy again, so I am curling up in my warm bed and wishing everyone a good night!


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