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If you ever have the chance to go to a conference, please keep the following bits of etiquette in mind.
1. When the presenter asks for questions, do not just blurt out your question. Raise your hand and wait your turn like the rest of us, especially if you are an educator. After all, we are trying to teach our students to take turns, be polite and have manners. We should model good behavior for them.

2. When it is question time, don't make statements of fact as to how you plan on utilizing the information learned that day. This is especially true when the way that you will use the info is sooo obvious that everyone wants to look at you and say DUH! You have just wasted everyone's time for questions for your own self-aggrandizing agenda.

3. When the presenter is speaking, don't talk to your friend about what happened last night. It is distracting to other people and just rude. Don't make it worse by then asking everyone else what the presenter is saying because you didn't catch it.

4. If you do talk because the prospect of gossiping with your friend is just too tempting, don't ask any questions of the presenter. I can guarantee that he/she will have already discussed what you don't understand because you were too busy chatting about who did whom last night. Asking questions makes the audience want to hurt you and the presenter wants to say that he/she has already covered the topic and if you had been listening you'd know that.

5. When the room is packed like sardines, do not decide that you can get away with passing gas. I realize that conferences serve rich food that may not settle well with some people, but your intestinal issues should not be shared. Either you will sicken the people who are captive audiences or possibly cause a stampede as people try to evacuate the room. Excuse yourself before you starting ripping them out. You are not going to be able to fart without it stinking.

Obviously, I am at a conference. It's actually a great conference and I have learned a lot. I was one of 4 people chosen in our district to attend, all expenses paid by a grant. I am staying in a 5 star hotel with a room to myself. I have been fed massive amounts of food of every kind. I've had good sessions for the most part, I've met new people who have been super nice. However, I've also had to deal with some dumbass crap, thus being the reason that I wrote them. I thought that I was being sensitive because I have been seriously stressed trying to get things done before I came to the conference. It's not just me. Other people are saying the same kinds of things. I have one more long day and then I go home. It better be a good day or I'll be pissed.
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