Mar. 27th, 2009

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The new meds seem to be doing okay.  Having more sleep and more water does seem to lessen the side effects.  I wasn't dizzy this morning unless I turned my head quickly.    I do feel tired and find myself sleeping more deeply than before.  I have always been a light sleeper, but I have come home and taken naps and slept through a couple of phone calls.  I also find that I feel not quite light headed and not quite disconnected but somewhere in between.  The little side effects pamphlet said that mental fog is a possibility and I would say that the fog is starting to roll in, which should warn you guys who actually read my posts.  I tend to ramble any way.  Imagine what will happen when I am all foggy and fuzzy headed.  I will just apologize now.  I have caught myself doing things and wondering about them later.  I had a report due today that I had to send to someone at the school admin building.  I made sure to finish the report before I left work.  I pack up and am driving home and thinking how glad I was that I finished that report and sent it when it dawns on me, "SHIT! I didn't e-mail it to who needed it!"  With traffic, I knew that I wouldn't get home in time to e-mail it before the offices closed, so I pulled off the main road, went into the neighborhoods, pulled out my laptop, and stopped every so often to look for an open internet signal or WIFI that I could use.  Fortunately, there was a club of some kind that has free internet access, so I stopped, logged on, e-mailed the report and then finished going home.  I can just see that in the next couple of weeks that I am going to have to live by check off lists.  Otherwise, I am going to forget something.

In other news, I was e-mailed pictures today from a former student that were from her wedding.  She was so beautiful.  She graduated 7 years ago, but she still keeps in contact from time to time.  It was nice to get the pics.


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